Spectacular tower loft in Haifa!
From only USD 119,000

Spectacular tower loft in Haifa!15-storey tower having 76 uniquely designed New York-style lofts
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Exceptional loft in one of the most strategic areas of Haifa. Ideal for rental and/or residence, with an annual ROI of 5%, and a significant revaluation expected, based on the municipality's urban development plan.

The 15-storey tower consists of 76 uniquely designed New York-style lofts, including private parking and a sun porch overlooking the sea and Mount Carmel.

The building structure is comprised of ultra modern glass walls, letting you enjoy the unique landscape and location. The building has first-class amenities, including a floor dedicated to games, multi-use galleries and direct access to the cafes and bars nearby.

The lofts are aimed at high-end students of the prestigious Technion institute, located just 5 minutes from the tower, as well as employees of companies working in Haifa's high tech center, located 10 minutes away.

Financing of up to 50% of the project value is available from major commercial banks, as well as tax benefits for buying property in Israel.



Haifa inspires real estate investors

Haifa, Israel's third largest city, is currently one of the major investment destinations in the country.

Enhanced by the combination of port activity, the high tech industry, tourism and academic excellence, Haifa has been nominated for the second year in a row as the city with the largest business potential, by the world-wide business magazine Monocal.

In addition to its harbor and beautiful beaches open to local and international tourism, Haifa has an important technological development center with companies such as Apple, Google, Yahoo, Amdocs and Intel, among others. However, the main pride of the city is the Technion academic institute, considered among the best in the world, generating 3 Nobel prizes in recent years.

With the growing wave of internal immigrants in search of jobs and a better quality of life, the Municipality of Haifa, together with the government, have launched major infrastructure plans for the city, including an internal rail network, a modern tram system, and highway tunnels, in which they have already invested over $ 250 million.


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