Oceanfront lot in Herzliya Pituach!
Great opportunity from USD 88,000

Oceanfront lot in Herzliya PituachPotential increase in value of 500%

Prime location on Herzliya Pituach's beachfront, with a potential increase in value of 500%. The land is adjacent to the largest tourist development area and close to the Marina Yacht Club.

It connects to a wealthy suburb with many embassies and diplomatic missions and the Herzliya Pituach technology center, which is one of the main business centers in Israel.

The lot of 2.47 acres (10 dunam) is sold in associated plots of 2,438 sq. feet (100 sq. meters), which will be listed in Israel's Property Registry in the buyer's name. The operation has the legal backing of a major Israeli firm, along with the city of Herzliya which is promoting the project.

The plan allocates construction mainly for residential purposes (68%) and also includes space for industry (20%), trade (8%) and new hotels (4%). It aims to build 10,700 residential units in apartment buildings of 4 and 5 rooms.

Financing of up to 50% of the project value is available from major commercial banks in Israel and it is estimated that once the final permits are granted, the value of each parcel will amount to USD 450,000, the current value of similar plots in this exclusive area.


Herzliya Pituach inspires real estate investors

Herzliya Pituach is a beautiful town connected via the Mediterranean coast with Tel Aviv and has been, for over 20 years, one of the main hubs for real estate investors and A+ level owners.

Her renowned urban beauty and privileged beachfront location made it the preferred place to install the most beautiful residences and embassies, and compliments the great hospitality of 5 star hotels which attract visitors from around the world. Both foreign and local travelers, businessmen and tourists, enjoy the wide beaches of Herzliya Pituach, the colorful bars and restaurants, and the exclusive international services that are located there, in a liberal and relaxed atmosphere.

Established a few meters from the splendid Yacht Club Marina, Herzliya Pituach also has one of the main business centers in Israel, with broad towers hosting companies such as Pitango, Gemini, Evergreen and other venture capital funds that finance the high-tech sector in Israel, and which, combined with an annual investment of USD 1,260 million, position Israel to be the second largest start up nation in the world.

Thanks to its proximity to the commercial capital of the country, its fast access and transport links, as well as its Mediterranean beauty and the major effort of the Herzliya Municipality to supply the most modern infrastructure available to residents and visitors, Herzliya Pituach has become today, one of the jewels in the Israeli real estate market.

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