Yoav Mor

Associated Consultant

Bacalor Strategic Consulting





With a substantial background in applied computer analysis, both in academia and business, Yoav Mor provides computer support and online positioning to the customers of Bacalor Strategic Consulting.

A Computer Science graduate from Haifa University in Israel, Yoav has specialized in computing as applied to the biomedical and health sector. He has a Master Degree in Computational Neurobiology from Hebrew University's Department of Medical Neurobiology, in Jerusalem.

In line with his passion for technology and science, Yoav pursues doctoral studies at the Hebrew University, specializing in the use of graphic processing units (GPU) for the diagnosis of neuropathology and the evaluation of the effectiveness of treatments.

In business, Yoav provides professional services at Galil Microwaves and Wizcom Technologies Ltd. His work at these companies has been instrumental in improving the positioning of the companies’ web-sites, as well as significantly increasing sales records through creating added value and online sales.

Yoav has presented his research in computer science and neurobiology at distinguished conferences in the United States and Israel, including the SFN Conference in San Diego, CA (2007-2011) and the ISFN Conference in Israel (2008-2011).