Gabriel Bacalor

Managing Director

Bacalor Strategic Consulting





Gabriel Bacalor is the founder and CEO of Bacalor Strategic Consulting, a global strategic consultancy based in Israel. 

Gabriel is an economist specializing in investment, negotiation, market analysis, and strategic planning for the technology and real estate sectors.

With over 10 years of successful business operations in over 30 countries in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East, Gabriel is considered a promising young investor and entrepreneur in the area of business development.

Prior to his managerial role in Bacalor Strategic Consulting, Gabriel worked for the Microtrol Group Ltd., a leader in the development and commercialization of advanced technologies for the telecommunications sector, as well as Wizcom Technologies Ltd., a world leader in the consumer electronics market [Prime Standard, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Germany (WZM, WKN: 915 856)].

In university, Gabriel studied under Dr. Finn Kydland, Nobel Laureate in Economics, 2004. He carried out research under the supervision of Paul Gerchunoff, which made important critical mass models based on genomics, designed to understand the behavior of investors and banks.

Gabriel holds a BA in Economics from the Universidad Nacional de Rosario (UNR) and a Master in Economics from the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (UTDT).

Recognized for applying his knowledge of negotiation and strategic planning to his political and military analysis of the Middle East, Gabriel is consulted regularly by the international press on various current issues, among which include the Arab-Israeli conflict and the economic sustainability of the peace processes.