Ricardo Bacalor

Associated Consultant

Bacalor Strategic Consulting





With over 40 years of experience in the field of technology, Ricardo Bacalor is one of the most well-known engineers and technological infrastructure developers in Latin America.

Ricardo controls half of Microtrol Group. Founded in 1979, Microtrol is considered Argentina's most prestigious R&D firm in the field of advanced technologies for the digital TV and telecommunications sector.

Ricardo leads the business development and production of the state-of-the-art technologies manufactured by Microtrol, which are sold on the international market. Microtrol is now the top Latin American manufacturer of telecommunications platforms based on IMS recommendations, for fixed and mobile telecom and cable operators. The company holds 52 licenses and registered copyrights so far.

Since Latin America's adoption of the ISDB-T norm for digital TV in 2009, the government of Argentina launched its TVDT plan, including 52 stations transmitting interactive digital TV, a unique 360 meter tower for transmission, and the development and manufacturing of two million interactive digital receivers under IP and Ginga middleware.

The active role of Ricardo, his partner and his working team, have enabled Microtrol to become the contractor for the provision of one third of the interactive digital receivers for terrestrial digital TV in Argentina, as well as a regional leader in this area of development.

Ricardo is a photographer, collector of contemporary art and President of the Foundation of the Casa Nacional del Bicentenario of Argentina.