Marta Riskin

Associated Consultant

Bacalor Strategic Consulting





Marta Riskin has over 35 years experience in networking, business management and multilateral agreements.

Marta is an anthropologist, who graduated in 1974 from the Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina. She worked for 20 years at Centro Instrumental Ltd, responsible for political and institutional PR. Her outstanding contribution constituted the basis for attaining significant technology transfer agreements with the governments of Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua, and the former Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

In 1995, Marta was publicly recognized for facilitating technology transfer agreements in the context of the Bolivar Program of Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Since then, she founded and runs her own consulting company, providing assistance in project planning, and public and private ventures in Mercosur.

Marta is active in the Spanish-language media. She is a frequent writer in Página 12 of Argentina, on state policies for the SOHO sector as well as issues related to public policy regarding media accuracy and efficiency.

She alternates her time between private practice and community involvement. Marta serves as a guest analyst for radio and television shows in various broadcasting networks of Argentina. Since 2009, she has also produced her own segment in the program “Verso y reverso de los medios”, which is focused on understanding media dynamics.

In the cultural realm, Marta has published film and television scripts, novels and short stories, including the award-winning book “Y serás como un árbol” (You will be like a tree, from Jeremiah 17:8). In 2008, she was awarded the First Prize for Poetry at the annual "Meeting Voices" event, which draws over 500 renowned writers from Latin America and the Caribbean.