Daniel Alaluf

Associated Consultant

Bacalor Strategic Consulting





Daniel Alaluf specializes in marketing and corporate networking. He currently serves as head of the Latin America Division of the international organization Keren Hayesod, which provides advocacy and philanthropy in over 45 countries.

A renowned political scientist specializing in Israeli events and its place in the international context, Daniel's contributions frequently appear in the media and broadcast highlights from the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean, such as Venezuela's El Universal, El Mercurio of Chile, Channel 26 and Radio Continental in Argentina, and the distinguished  publication "Safe Democracy", among others.

Daniel lives in Jerusalem, where he is active in public life. He completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at the Hebrew University, earning a Masters in Political Science with honors. Daniel is a consultant for the international Central European Group for Political Monitoring (CEGPM) and works with dedication on issues related to democracy, human rights, civil society, and the peace process.

In his spare time, Daniel is an outstanding musician and composer. Having many years of formal education in this area, he teaches and performs with his traditional Latin American music band, and is known for his skillful trumpet playing, as well as his charisma and natural leadership.