David Bercovich

Associated Consultant

Bacalor Strategic Consulting





David Bercovich is CEO of Bereshit Ltd., a company dedicated to residential and commercial construction in Israel and neighboring areas.

With a decade of experience gleaned from supervising over 1,000 jobs, David offers his customers quality service at an international level, coordinating engineers and architects specializing in residential housing.

David has a gift for dramatically increasing real estate property values via affordable structural improvements, ensuring compliance with contracted requirements and standards, while adhering to strict deadlines.

David studied Applied Engineering at ORT Oleisky in Jerusalem and has been part of the selection committee to identify contractors and personnel to build several complexes of buildings in the cities of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa.

His knowledge and skills at different levels of the construction process make David a strategic contact for implementing, operating and supervising residential and commercial projects in Israel.

His commitment to the use of renewable energies in construction have led him to actively participate in Israel's EnergyTech Conference, and recently, to attend the CantonFair in Guangzhou, China.