Sanny Goldman

Associated Consultant

Bacalor Strategic Consulting





Sanny Goldman is an Associate Consultant at Bacalor Strategic Consulting.

Having graduating cum laude in 2003 as an architect from the Technion - Israel's Institute of Technology, Sanny has since worked in various regions of Israel, Australia and Latin America.

Contact with many customs, mentalities and environments, have enriched her professional point of view, and an understanding of cultural diversity has granted her the flexibility to participate in residential and commercial architectural projects of different sizes and scales.

Sanny is part of the Official Register of Engineers and Architects, which depends of Israel's Ministry of Industry and Trade, and has extensive experience ranging from planning urban projects to designing private homes and commercial premises.

Sanny's passion for her profession led her to work as a lecturer at the Technion, where she has twice received awards for projects on bioclimatic architecture and morphology. Her outstanding performance also provided her with the opportunity to work with renowned architects.

In addition to her recognized technical skills for planning and design, Sanny has all the required knowledge in legislation and regulations, statutes and rules which govern building in the State of Israel, for each of the different types of properties and projects.