Julia Shnayder

Associated Consultant

Bacalor Strategic Consulting





Julia Shnayder is an Associated Consultant at Bacalor Strategic Consulting.

Julia brings her language expertise, knowledge in global affairs and management skills to the Consulting group.

She has worked in both the private and non-profit sector. Her international career began at the American Jewish Committee, where she received a prestigious Goldman Fellowship. Julia worked for both the International Affairs office in Washington, D.C. and the Russian Jewish Affairs division, where she was involved in governmental engagement and 2004 Presidential Election polling.

Julia continued on to work for the leading global PR firm Edelman, where she quickly rose to the challenge of developing a nation-wide training program for the VoIP system. Her success expanded to training staff all over the country, through group sessions and one-on-one consultations for the firm's upper management.

Later on she returned to the non-profit world, managing the Elijah Interfaith Institute, a renowned multinational organization based out of Jerusalem, Israel. In her role at the Institute's headquarters, she interacted with esteemed religious leaders, including His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, and coordinated major conferences around the world.  Moreover she oversaw the organization's website and IT needs, while creating publications and editing academic papers for dissemination.

Julia holds a BA in International Relations from Boston University, and a MA in English from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.