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Passion, Honesty and Excellence

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The professionals involved in Bacalor Strategic Consulting have extensive expertise in their respective fields.

The diversity of skills and comprehensive experience that our teams contain, constitute a significant added value.

Our clients receive operational and concrete solutions, developed with consideration to the different perspectives that build a global vision of reality.

Our staff is selected based on strict criteria of excellence and proficiency qualifications. The professional peer review of our experts, results in a constant process of “creative destruction” and Schumpeterian growth, which allows for progressive improvement in our diagnostic abilities and quality of decision making.

With honesty, professionalism and hard-work, our experts give each project their best, for the success of our clients.



"Our commitment to excellence is the leitmotif for this company. The success of our customers and partners allows us to strengthen established ties and create new relationships. Our value lies in our ability to offer 100% of our talents and knowledge, to exceed the expectations of those who call on us to be a part of their investment and business challenges”

Gabriel Bacalor, Managing Director
Bacalor Strategic Consulting