More than High Tech

Forming the so-called "Second Silicon Valley" of the world, high-tech companies in Israel are internationally recognized for their ability to develop cutting edge and innovative technologies in virtually all areas of scientific knowledge.

The Israeli high-tech industries develop and market biotech products and services, software, internet services, telecommunication technologies and cleantech, attracting capital and financing worldwide, through a system involving Venture Capital Funds, Banks, Founds of Funds and Angel Investors. Today, Israel is the second major destination for venture capital-oriented technology, after the United States.

The main strength of the Israeli industry is its ability to turn problems into opportunities. The scarcity of natural resources, coupled with political and military conflicts which Israel faced from its early beginning, have served as a challenge for the Jewish State to focus on developing disruptive technologies.

The impressive performance of academics and Israeli scientists, driven by an excellent educational system, and the ability to absorb the immigration of skilled workers from different countries and cultures, have led Israel to be the home of ten Nobel Prize winners, 60% of whom have received the award during the last decade, in fields related to chemistry, international negotiation and economics.

Israel has the distinction of having nearly fourteen scientists per ten thousand workers, representing the largest global share of this ratio. In addition, Israel is the spiritual center of the Jewish people and its businesses, investments and networking, are no strangers to this phenomenon. The entrepreneurial spirit is evident daily in over four thousand Israeli high-tech companies, which develop and skillfully put their products on the international market.

The combination of technology incubators, start ups and successful export-oriented companies, grant Israeli sales and marketing consultants a unique versatility and expertise, as well as an extensive contact network ready to promote business worldwide.

Bacalor Strategic Consulting offers extensive experience and outstanding records in breaking into international markets and offering guidance on investment projects, sales, marketing and communication strategies, in over twenty five countries.

Our company locates and accesses strategic partners and distribution networks throughout Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. It also offers foreign investors the most creative opportunities to participate in the lucrative and dynamic Israeli market.

We bring our own added value to achieving the goals set by our customers.