Real Estate Services

>> Comprehensive advice and management of real estate investment operations

>> Searching for investment opportunities

>> Participation in foreclosures

>> Customer representation

>> Negotiating the Sale

>> Legal and technical due diligence

>> Property restoring services

>> Land trust opportunities

>> Exit operations

>> Promotion and sale of property

>> Real Estate feasibility studies

>> Diversification of investment portfolios

>> Analysis of the construction market

Real Estate Solutions

Bacalor Strategic Consulting provides comprehensive solutions to the investor, ranging from general guidance regarding the housing market and construction in Israel, to the legal, tax, commercial and financial aspects for each particular customer.

We offer our customers reliability, professionalism, and the possibility of accessing new properties (completed or under development), or second-hand, at prices significantly lower than those usually found on the market.

The strategic relationships we have developed, together with our familiarity with client's demands, allow us to meet the dual objectives of securing their economic future and safely diversifying their investment portfolios. In this sense, our services far exceed those of real estate agencies, as we approach the purchase and/or management of a property from the perspective of return on investment in the medium and long term.

Our proposals seek to maximize current return from the rental of the property, as well as its future value. Regular profitability projections are based on strict market analysis. We consider the macroeconomic elements such as the consequences of a potential housing bubble, as well as the microeconomic aspects which determine the property's value, including its geographical location and potential depreciations.

We provide comprehensive advice and support to our clients, at all stages of the investment process, including all legal and tax guidance necessary, for property management and resale. Our architects, engineers and restoring staff have the appropriate expertise to add value to the property, ensuring maximum profitability and maintenance.

Bacalor Strategic Consulting provides transparency and solidity, to help you make sound investment decisions based on your particular needs.


High Tech Services

>> Market development and planning

>> Analysis of investment projects

>> Sales strategies, marketing and communication

>> Assistance in the preparation, negotiation, implementation and closure of commercial proposals

>> Location of distribution and marketing channels

>> Recruitment of regional representatives, sales agents, distributors and retailers

>> Techno-financial joint ventures

>> Corporate due diligence

>> Economic reports and projections

>> Technological and financial feasibility studies

>> Participation in trade fairs, conventions and events 



Networking Services

>> Access to multiple relationships in the Middle East, Europe and Latin America

>> Strategic alliances

>> Location and selection of partners

>> Identification of profiles

>> Cooperation agreements

>> Bilateral and multilateral agreements