Spectacular tower loft in Haifa!
From only USD 119,000


Strategic neighborhood. Annual ROI of 5%. Significant revaluation of the asset expected. Tenants include Technion academics and high tech employees. Financing available.

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Luxury apartment in Tel Aviv!
Excellent opportunity from USD 390,000


Optimal location. Level A+ tenants and owners. Community services, schools, and country club. Expectations of increase in value according to the Municipal Work Plan. Financing available.

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Oceanfront lot in Herzliya Pituach!
Great opportunity from USD 88,000


The best location in Israel: embassies, hotels, high tech and upscale neighborhoods. Below market value and by the ocean. Expected Future Value: USD 450,000. Financing available.

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Apartment in Berlin!
Starting at USD 79,000


Excellent opportunity. Conveniently situated in the popular district of Tiergarten. Projected increase in the expected value of the asset. Deutsche Bank Financing up to 50%.

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